Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Nobscot's WebExit helps eliminate obstacles and micro-aggressions to create a more inclusive workforce.

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How the Diversity Module Works

The Diversity Module is designed to measure the success of your diversity initiatives. It provides an easy-to-understand comparison of how employees of different races, gender, and generation are experiencing the work place, and its impact on employee turnover. Special reports, pinpoint potential discrimination and harassment issues brewing within your organization before they turn to costly lawsuits.

The Diversity Module adds 15 carefully constructed exit interview questions relating to:

1. Pipeline barriers that directly affect opportunities for advancement
2. Barriers to critical development assignments
3. Alienation barriers created by corporate climate
4. Workplace biases that affect performance evaluations
5. Work Life Balance and family friendly benefits.

The Diversity Module also includes the addition of gender and race demographic fields as well as multidimensional tracking and statistical comparisons of your exit interview results by demographics across departments, job classes, locations and more.

Contact your favorite Nobscot employee to add the Diversity module to your WebExit account or email us at info@nobscot.com or 1-888-662-7444 to learn more.


"Taking the time to listen and learn allows us to better understand and improve the workplace experience."

- CEO, Nobscot


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