HR New Year Guide: Harnessing Last Year's Employee Feedback, for This Year's Success

January 2, 2024 | By Nobscot Corporation

HR New Year Guide: Harnessing Last Year's Employee Feedback, for This Year's Success As the new year unfolds, Human Resources (HR) leaders have an opportunity to play a pivotal role in creating success for employees, managers and the company as a whole in the upcoming year.

In this guide, we explore how HR leaders can collaborate with managers to leverage insights from exit interviews, new hire surveys, and other employee feedback mechanisms. By providing tailored feedback, HR plays a critical role in redirecting efforts in a way that sets the stage for increased employee satisfaction, productivity and employee retention.

Analyzing Exit Interviews and Surveys

Now is the time for HR professionals, along with their exit interview and employee survey vendor partners, to analyze the employee feedback data gathered throughout the previous year. By identifying recurring employee turnover themes and patterns, HR can offer managers valuable insights into the challenges in their departments, as well as opportunities for improvement that will reduce employee turnover.

Translating Insights into Actionable Goals

Collaborating with managers, HR leaders can help translate the feedback into actionable goals for the upcoming year. Whether it's refining communication channels, addressing workplace culture concerns, or enhancing professional development opportunities, these goals should align with the specific needs and aspirations of the team, as well as overall company objectives.

Feedback-Driven Training and Development

By weaving employee feedback into the talent development strategy, HR plays a crucial role in identifying areas where employees will most benefit from additional training. For example, surveys and exit interviews might provide information that employees within a specific role or department are leaving because they don't feel suitably trained to perform their job.

This strategic approach to talent development enables Managers and Talent Development teams to focus training efforts where they are most needed, addressing specific skill gaps or professional development needs highlighted in the feedback.

Moreover, survey feedback isn't limited to the training needs of individual contributors-it extends to evaluating the effectiveness of supervisors and managers. HR professionals can use feedback from employee stay surveys and exit interviews to pinpoint areas where supervisors may benefit from additional training or mentorship from more experienced managers.

This dual focus ensures that both individual contributors and their supervisors are equipped with the necessary skills they need. The result is a better workplace experience for employees and greater success for the company.

Celebrating Progress and Acknowledging Improvements

HR and line managers should also jointly celebrate progress made in addressing feedback. Recognizing improvements made as a result of employee surveys, new hire surveys and exit interviews helps to create a "listening" culture. This reinforces to employees the company's commitment to continuous improvement based on their feedback. Acknowledging and rewarding positive changes also plays a key role in retaining employees and boosting overall morale.

Fostering Open Communication Channels

The new year brings a fresh opportunity for HR to help open the lines of communication and strengthen relationships between managers and their employees. HR can provide managers with ideas, guidelines, templates and assistance on how to conduct face-to-face stay interviews that complement organizational feedback efforts. This commitment to open communication is fundamental to creating a listening culture, and helps managers create better work experiences for their teams. As HR professionals and managers embark on the journey of a new year, the collaboration between the two is essential for creating a workplace that inspires and retains talent. By leveraging employee feedback, organizations can achieve a stellar start that sets the tone for a year of motivation, growth, and success.

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