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Retention Management And Metrics
Teacher Retention Strategies

teacher retention teacher retention Employee Retention has become a key focus for human resource professionals. Companies and organizations are calculating (based on current cost per hire data) that hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved annually by reducing employee turnover.

Nowhere is this more important than in the school system. For example, a school system with roughly 10,000 teachers and an estimated turnover rate of 20% would stand to save approximately $500,000.00/year by reducing turnover by just 1 percentage point.

Not only would reduced turnover provide monetary savings, more importantly, it would provide savings in our children's educational future. A motivated and experienced team of teaching professionals directly correlates with an improved educational system.

Many ideas have been proposed by various lawmakers, administrators, and union officials regarding rewards and incentives to improve teacher retention. While the intentions of these officials are good, the ideas are generally based on guesswork or at best, what seems to be working in other locales. Increasing teacher salaries is often regarded as a panacea, yet it is clear that good teachers enter the field for reasons other than money.

The surest way to solve the retention issues is to go directly to the source to find out on an ongoing basis why the teachers leave, where they see the problems and where they see the successes. The information needs to be tracked consistently and compared school district by school district, school by school.

Unfortunately, the cost of managing an exit interview program is prohibitive both in terms of time and money. One solution is to utilize a web-based self-service exit interview system such as Nobscot's WebExit. With WebExit's self-service system, terminating teachers can fill out exit interview data online. The privacy that this offers lends towards more open feedback. The information is then compiled and analyzed automatically and available for reporting at any time through the Nobscot WebExit system. Data is compared across schools and districts allowing problems and successes to be pinpointed at a glance. Nobscot's WebExit™ Exit Interview Management System is an easy to use and easy to deploy web-based system.

If you would like to improve your teacher retention, contact a Nobscot Representative at (888) 662-7444 or email

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