How to Web Enable Your Exit Interview Process

December 15, 2013 | By Beth N. Carvin

Congratulations. An online exit interview system is the first step toward improving your employee retention. To web enable your process, you can design and develop your own in-house system or use a packaged solution such as Nobscot's WebExit.

Designing Your Own

You can build you own exit interview system using an in-house development team or by contracting with an outside group of professionals. The development team should include experts in web design, database development and human resources.


Before your team meets, it's helpful to have a well thought out plan regarding your objectives and priorities. Consider areas such as ease of use, type of feedback you are seeking, report generation, integration with other systems and placement on intranet. List and prioritize the features you would like your system to include.


Developing a system from scratch takes time and money. To create a comprehensive system, expect to pay between $50,000 and $150,000. Schedule a minimum of 6-10 months for design, development, testing and implementation. Be careful that your system is not obsolete before it's finished!

Where to Get Information

Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) members can review white papers for information on employee retention and exit interviews at the SHRM internet site Human Resources consultants in your area should also be able to provide guidance on developing appropriate questions for your web based exit interview system. You may also email us at and we will help you find appropriate resources.

Choosing A Pre-Packaged Solution

A pre-packaged system is one that has already been designed and developed and is available for your immediate use. With a pre-packaged system, you can start using your exit system within days at generally a fraction of the cost of building your own. Look for a system that has a look and feel that will be easy for both your employees and your HR staff to manage. Generally a system that has been created by Human Resources professionals with an understanding of Employee Relations will provide appropriate features and design versus a system designed by a general survey company or IT consulting firm.


One of the benefits of a turnkey system is that the cost should be low relative to conducting your exit interviews manually or designing your system in-house. Look for a company that offers unlimited exit interviews at a reasonable monthly subscription fee.


Your exit interview system should allow you full access to your data at any time. A system that allows you to compare data along a number of parameters will be most useful in pinpointing areas that need improvement. Remember, it's not just about providing management with reports, it's about using the tool to reduce turnover.

Nobscot's WebExit System

The WebExit interview system is a pre-packaged solution that you can start using in less than 7 days. It is pre-configured with appropriate exit interview questions and can be easily customized to meet your unique needs. The system is ideal for banks, hospitals, hotels, retail and others in similar industries. It is also designed for the public sector for teacher retention, military retention and public service.

Nobscot's Patent Pending: Instant Benchmarking

Nobscot's system allows you to compare exit interview results by department, job class, division, location and payroll status. Because it is web based, you can even compare your results with the average ratings of all companies using the Nobscot system. Instant benchmarking at no extra cost.

Nobscot Community

The Nobscot Community is made up of companies all with the same goal, to reduce their employee turnover and improve staff retention. Community members can share their ideas for retention as well as receive expert suggestions from our community of Human Capital Advisory consultants.