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Nobscot's WebExit - Exit Interview Industries

Nobscot's WebExit® exit interview management system is used by companies in a variety of industries to conduct, compile and analyze exit interviews and help pinpoint company strengths and weaknesses that lead to employee turnover and retention. The system is designed for large global corporations. Below is a list of some of the industries that Nobscot services. If you would like to learn more about WebExit, please call (888) 662-7444, email or fill out this simple form to request a demo. See what Nobscot's clients are saying.

Nobscot services are being used in over 20 countries to reduce employee turnover. Back to Nobscot corporate and government clients.
BankingNobscot WebExit is used by major banking institutions across the country. Benchmark your results against leading institutions. Roll up your results from each branch or field office into meaningful results for corporate decision makers.
Nobscot services are used by insurance companies and real estate management organizations to monitor the health of and reduce staff turnover for their field offices.

Real Estate Management
Travel & Cruise Line IndustryTravel Reservations and Cruise Lines use WebExit and EE*Trends to monitor the satisfaction of both current and former employees to help retain their valuable employees.
Nobscot has clients in the software, wireless, satellite and telephone industries.
Manufacturing & RetailSome of Nobscot's manufacturing customers have over 100 field offices spread across the USA and across the world.
Energy & Power DeliveryNobscot's Energy clients use WebExit to pull data from their transmission, metering, power plant, customer services, planning, and construction organizations.
Health Care
Pharmaceutical Research
Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Research and Testing facilities use Nobscot WebExit to distill information from facilities across the world for early detection and monitoring of the satisfaction of their staff. Nobscot is being used to improve employee retention in offices in South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
EducationNobscot is used by colleges in several states to help retain their teaching staff.
GovernmentWebExit is used by government offices in the US and in Canada to improve their employee retention and reduce their employee turnover.

If you would like to find out how you can use Nobscot's Exit Interview Management System to improve your organization's retention, please call (888) 662-7444 or email

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