Nobscot's New FirstDays Aids Retention and Onboarding of New Hires

June 30, 2008 | By Beth N. Carvin

Online Survey/Reporting Tool Helps Flag Problems, Identify Recruiting Weaknesses

Honolulu (June 30, 2008) -- Nobscot Corporation today announced an automated new hire survey system called FirstDays that is designed to help companies reduce new employee departures by identifying organizational weaknesses in recruitment and onboarding practices. The new online software package provides customizable employee and supervisor surveys along with point-and-click reporting tools that can uncover problems ranging from inaccurate descriptions of the job duties during the interviewing process to unfriendly co-workers, weak on-the-job communication and failure to convey company goals.

FirstDays addresses the widespread problem of early attrition. One 2007 study found that one-third of employers experience a hiring failure rate of 10% to 25% within the first year, while another one-tenth see between 25% to 50% of their new hires leave within the same period.

Everyone worries about recruiting the right people and getting them on the right track once they are on board, but most organizations fail to take the most obvious step to improve the process: ask the employee what's right and what's wrong.

Using methodologies developed for Nobscot's highly regarded WebExit exit interview platform, FirstDays enables HR managers to improve new hire retention with tools including:

  • New hire surveys related to the work environment, management, company, employee orientation program and the job itself. Questions delve into issues such as whether the job matches the employee’s expectations, workload manageability, co-worker support, training quality, supervisor encouragement, clarity of corporate goals, and perceived professional growth opportunities.
  • Supervisor/manager surveys designed to ascertain the quality of both the hire and the hiring process. Questions cover issues such as how fast the employee adjusted, whether the new hire has the skills needed to perform the job, whether he or she is getting along with colleagues, and whether HR filled the job in a timely manner.
  • Point-and-click reports, including easy-to-read charts and graphs, that aggregate survey responses and present findings by department, division, companywide or any other parameter. The data can flag both individual and systemic problems, reveal weaknesses in training and recruiting processes, help identify high potential employees at an early stage, pinpoint management shortcomings in onboarding new employees, and provide other information to help improve hiring procedures and overall retention rates.
HR personnel can configure FirstDays to survey new hires on any schedule (eg 45, 60 or 90 days), conduct baseline as well as followup surveys if desired, and pre-set the system to distribute surveys electronically at the appropriate time with no manual intervention.

FirstDays is available immediately. Subscription pricing, based on the number of new hires per year, includes unlimited reports, 24x7 access and technical support.

About Nobscot Corporation

Nobscot Corporation is a provider of online HR software tools and associated services designed to generate comprehensive, actionable information that can assist companies in combating turnover, improving hiring practices and recovering from downsizing. WebExit, the company's flagship product, is the gold standard for exit interview automation designed to help identify reasons for employee turnover. It is used by organizations in over 20 countries and received a prestigious Top 10 HR Products of the Year award from HR Executive Magazine. For more information, visit

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