The most powerful, easy-to-use exit interview management technology for large and midsize companies across the globe.

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How webexit can help you:

WebExit turns the process of exit interviewing from a manual, time waster into a highly effective, data driven process. Real-time, continuously updated reports provide you with the specific drivers of turnover in every department, division and job type within your company.

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Easy to Complete Surveys

Exit interviews can be completed at home, office or on-the-go with phones and other mobile devices.

Expert Guidance

Dedicated Account Manager with HR experience assigned to every account.

Advanced Reporting

Powerful reporting platform with filters and drill-downs to get to root causes of employee turnover.

All-Inclusive Subscriptions

WebExit comes with unlimited exit interviews, free support, restructures, training and more.

More features

High Participation Rates

100%+ increase in participation rates versus traditional phone and paper based exit interviews.

Language Module

Optional language module supports up to 650+ global languages.

Secure Data Center

Highly secure data center passes the most stringent security audits.

Configurable Questions

Quantitative and qualitative rated, open-ended and multiple-choice questions.

Enterprise Version

Multiple, connected account tiers for large complex enterprises.

Fun to work with

Reduce your stress with Nobscot's knowledgeable and fun expert representatives.

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"Our exit interview participation rate went from approximately 30% to 70% in the first six months."

Human Resources Director


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