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Retention Management And Metrics

Internal Redeployment Interviews

Is much of your hiring done through internal transfers and promotions?
Save hours on eligibility checking, scheduling and tracking.

  • Allows employees to interview on-line to determine eligibility for promotions
  • Frees up HR staff from time consuming coordination and eligibility checking while retaining overall control of the process
  • Reduces time spent on employees that don't qualify or are ineligible
  • Provides employees with feedback on competencies to strengthen for future promotions and/or transfers
  • Can be used to produce hard-copy and/or on-line Job Posting Bulletins so you only have to enter data once
  • Simple to use for both HR staff and employees
  • Tracks # of employees applying, which departments employees are applying from, length of time to fill position
How it works:
  1. HR (or department manager) enters data on new openings into Nobscot system
  2. Publish Job Posting Bulletin (in choice of design formats) at the push of a button
  3. Employees apply to
  4. Employees answer 10 basic eligibility and interview questions
  5. If in-eligible, Nobscot provides employee with list of areas to improve on
  6. If eligible, Nobscot provides name, phone extension, email address or other contact information of Hiring Manager with permission to contact and schedule an interview
  7. Nobscot notifies and sends interview information to hiring manager
  8. Nobscot tracks # of employees applying, which departments employees are applying from, length of time to fill positions
  9. Hiring manager interviews and notifies HR of selection (directly or through Nobscot)
  10. If unable to fill internally, Nobscot easily creates external interview to prepare for the external recruiting process
  11. If filled internally, Nobscot can then easily open and post the selected employee's former position

Internal Job Posting Pricing

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