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Retention Management And Metrics

Student Exit Interviews

Student Exit Interview
Get the information you need to improve student retention and increase student enrollment.

Online exit interviews and student surveys provide schools and educators with:
  • More honest feedback from students
  • Information on how the students perceive the:
    • Courses and Content
    • Teachers
    • Environment
    • Services
    • Safety
  • Notification of possible problem areas within specific departments
  • Notification of successful areas and ways to reward them
  • Community of experts sharing how to best use this information for Retention and Recruitment
  • Opportunity for student to request counseling or career services assistance
  • Easily modified for individual class surveys
  • Compare your results against the Nobscot Community with free and instant Benchmarking
How it works:
  1. Graduating students are asked to take on-line interview at:
  2. Student takes interview and rates the school on approximately 40 items
  3. Student is thanked for his/her feedback.
  4. Administrator is notified that exit interview has been completed
  5. Results are tabulated with other graduating students
  6. Administrators or professors can view individual responses or average responses by major, school among others
  7. View by Benchmark to compare your school's results with the Nobscot Community

Exit Interview Pricing

Please call (888) 662-7444, email, or fill out this quick Student Exit Interview Demo Request Form to request a demo of this powerful exit interview system.

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