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Employee Turnover And Retention Briefings Abstract: 26

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Treating Employees with Respect Keeps Unions at Bay [Financial Post] Monday 03/15/04 10:28 PM

Most companies think that employees unionize because of economic reasons but employers who treat employees with respect are generally immune from unionization.

The formula for remaining union free is carried out in the following areas:

RECRUITMENT - Don't hire employees with a history of troublesome behavior or incompetent performance. These are the types of employees that like to hide behind unions. Because it is difficult to weed out problem employees from an interview, it's important to have a rigourously enforced probation period and to conduct detailed reference checks.

When conducting reference checks, ask specific questions that relate to the necessary work and behavior traits of the position. Ask questions such as:

- Was the candidate ever reprimanded for something?
- Did the candidate ever have a conflict with anyone?
- Was she ever late for work?

If you get "yes" answers, probe for further details.

GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES - Initiate a formal procedure by which employees can bring problems to your attention. Be sure to follow up on all grievances even if you are not able to solve their concern. The communication is better than not answering at all.

REGULARLY REVIEW EMPLOYEE MORALE - Use group meetings between management and staff and exit interviews to keep on top of indicators that might point to problems with employee morale. Keep track of turnover, absenteeism, refusal to participate and increased complaints.

CEO MEETINGS - The CEO sould meet with each employee on an annual basis to review their career goals and air any concerns.

SUPERVISION - Terminate poor managers who are not able to improve their supervisory skills. Look for problems in not listening to staff, acting abusively, playing favorites and not acknowledging contributions. Make sure that supervisors receive appropriate and ongoing management training.

TERMINATE POOR PERFORMERS - Poor performers drag everyone down.

WAGES & BENEFITS - Make sure your compensation plan is fair and competitive. Check to be sure that you are not paying two employees different compensation for the same job without a strong reason to do so.
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