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Employee Turnover And Retention Briefings Abstract: 27

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Breaking Workplace Cliques [Entrepreneur Magazine] Friday 03/19/04 11:38 PM

Office cliques often develop with long standing employees. These "in-crowds" can be uncomfortable and inpenetrable for new employees.

Although office cliques can be a major cause of employee turnover, they are generally not mentioned in exit interviews which can leave a company in the dark about the problem. In reality, it is a problem that happens frequently.

Strong personal relationships between co-workers is a good thing but it turns sour when new employees feel excluded from the group. If a new employee feels he is being kept at arms length or not being taken seriously at work he will not stick around for long.

The solution is to focus on integrating new employees with longtime staff. One idea is to create "work buddies" that pair a new employee with a longtimer. Provide the longtimer with recognition and incentives for making the effort and make the integration success a part of their performance evaluation.

Also watch out for managers who have joined their staff clique. This can be especially damaging for new employees. Be sure to include "inclusiveness" as a management performance objection for all supervisors.
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