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Employee Turnover And Retention Briefings Abstract: 30

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Workplace Bullies Lower Morale [XtraMSN New Zealand] Saturday 03/27/04 4:12 PM

Workplace bullies intimidate and degrade their colleagues through "verbal abuse, unjust criticism, threats, sarcasm and teasing" and it's far more common than one might expect.

Bullies are both male and female and more often than not (80% of the time) are supervisors. They bully because of their own lack of confidence and gain satisfaction from undermining not the weak but the most competent employees.

Victims of bullies often suffer from stress related illnesses that affect both their work productivity as well as their home and family life. Recent research suggests that victims of bullying may waste 52% of their work time defending themselves, seeking out support from co-workers and taking time off.

Workplace bullying creates a negative environment which translates into increased employee turnover, absences, reduced productivity and potential lawsuits.

Organizations should seek to prevent bullying with formal anti-bullying policies and procedures. Risk assessments should be conducted throughout the company to identify and prevent potential areas of future abuse. Reporting of incidents should be encouraged and investigation of complaints should be swift and thorough.

A workplace environment free from bullying will result in greater employee satisfaction, increased employee retention rates and improved productivity.
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