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Employee Turnover And Retention Briefings Abstract: 40

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Employees Change Jobs for a Variety of Reasons [Financial Express] Wednesday 08/18/04 4:40 PM

According to a research paper by an IIT-Bombay professor, there is a significant gap between HR Managers' perception of why employees change jobs and the real reasons as cited by the employees themselves.

The professor suggests that HR Managers need to do a better job of identifying the triggers that cause employees to leave by using exit interviews, employee surveys and other methods.

The paper's research findings show that people leave for different reasons depending on the stage in their career. For example employees new to the workforce tend to leave for more money, to work with new technology and to move from small to large companies. More senior level employees leave when the work is not challenging and when they are unhappy with the company vision.

One solution presented is for companies to be careful in their hiring and selection process to find employees with the "right" cultural fit with the company. Employers should also avoid presenting too rosy a picture of the company without including a realistic look at the job and the work requirements.

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