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Employee Turnover And Retention Briefings Abstract: 61

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Can Exit Interviews Make A Difference? [ExpressComputerOnline] Friday 01/21/05 4:43 PM

Both voluntary and involuntary exit interviews can be used as a barometer to assess the attrition of the organization and determine the root causes. Attrition is generally higher at the lower level employee ranks but more damaging to the organization at the management and senior management levels.

The purpose of exit interviews is to assess the health of the organization and to translate the results into action. There are three goals to the exit interview:
  • Gather honest, constructive feedback.
  • Convert the exiting employee into an ambassador for the organization in his/her future endeavors.
  • Act upon the feedback to improve the workplace

Gathering Feedback - The exit interview can be done orally or in written form. Be clear about the objective (to gather honest feedback). Put the employee at ease. Act as a facilitator, not as a defender of the company or its practices. Remain objective and avoid taking anything personally. Focus less on the reason for leaving and more on how to improve the organization. The interviewer can be an HR representative or a department head or other manager, but should never be the immediate supervisor of the employee.

Convert To Ambassador - The employee may be leaving because of a grievance with the company, but if you provide a professional means for that employee to give feedback, their attitude towards the company will improve. You want to end positively so that the employee will be positive when talking or dealing with your organization in his/her future career path.

Final Step: Translating the results into action - Correlate the results of your exit interviews with other exit interviews and employee satisfaction surveys. Analyze for trends over time. Feed these results into your HR strategy plan.
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