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Employee Turnover And Retention Briefings Abstract: 64

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Employee Motivation Tips from 5 Experts [Human Resource Magazine] Friday 02/04/05 6:54 PM

Five experts weigh in on employee motivation strategies. The most prevalent theme: simple recognition for a job well done.

Everyone agrees that employee motivation is not just good for the employees, but is also good for the company. Motivated employees stay longer and are more productive.

Tips from the experts:

1. Determine your Goals. Motivate for specific goals and make sure those goals are in line with the company's goals.

2. Recognition. Keep it simple, keep it consistent, keep it fair. Praise your employees when they do good work. Make sure the praise is timely and make sure the praise is given by someone the recipient respects.

3. Find and Fix Demotivators. Employees are demotivated for specific reasons. Find out what the reasons are and remove or repair the causes.

4. Hire carefully and Train Carefully. If you want motivated employees, you need to hire motivated employees. You won't change an unmotivated employee into a motivated employee. So look for applicants that are punctual, caring, willing to go the extra mile, and that are self confident.

The first month of a new hire's training is critical. That is when the employee learns what is acceptable and unacceptable regarding tardiness, dress code, interacting with coworkers, and the level of effort to put into his/her work. Managing this process of learning the norms of the company goes a long way towards keeping an employee productive and inspired.

5. Correct Injustice. Real or perceived injustice is a great demotivator. If it exists in your organization, address and repair immediately.

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