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Employee Turnover And Retention Briefings Abstract: 77

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Boomerang Employees Valuable Asset For Companies [Network World] Thursday 02/09/06 5:06 PM

According to a recent survey, more than half of 100 US companies said they would re-hire former employees, also known as boomerang employees and rebound employees. Companies can reduce the risk of a bad hire with rebounders because they already know the employee and can tap into the employee's previous experience with the company.

How can a company take advantage of the boomerang opportunity? Stay in contact with former employees and make sure they are happy with their new position. If they are not, make sure they know they are welcome to come back. Understand their motivations for leaving in the first place and if some of those conditions have changed or can be addressed by hiring in at a different position, let the employee know.

Nobscot Corporation recently released a Rebounding Module to their Exit Interview system to help companies rehire their boomerang employees. According to Carvin, CEO of Nobscot, "The exit interview is the last official contact with an employee and is the natural place to set the stage for high performers to be welcomed back in the future".

What are some of the benefits to the company of rehiring former employees? Rebound employees are more appreciative of the company the second time around and are easier to integrate back into the company. Former employees already know the expectations, procedures and many of the employees.

Another valuable target for rehiring is recent retirees. These employees have vast company knowledge and experience. Companies can benefit by rehiring these employees in a training or mentoring position so that the next generation can be trained by a trusted expert.

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