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Nobscot's Mission, Beliefs and Vision

Employee Feedback Makes A Better Workplace Our mission is simple.

We want to banish employee turnover and make the world a better place to work, company by company.

We achieve our mission through our core beliefs.
  1. We believe that companies need to manage the workplace experience.

    At Nobscot, we believe that all employees young and old, male and female, in the call center and the teller line, of all races and nationalities, tall and short, beautiful and not so beautiful, brilliant and of average intelligence should all have the opportunity to work in environments that allow them to perform at their very best and enjoy themselves while doing it, every single day. Or at least 99 days out of 100.

    We believe that organizations have the ability to create environments where employees never want to quit.

    We believe that when companies manage the workplace experience, employee retention can't help but follow.

  2. We believe that CEOs care about their employees.

    Don't laugh. In our experience, most CEOs and other senior leaders would rather be super heroes than villains.

    We believe that senior leaders want to know what (or whom) is causing their employees to disengage, slack off and seek employment elsewhere. We believe that CEO's turn to HR (and who better?) to help create a positive environment for their employees.

  3. We believe that irritations are the route of all employee turnover.

    We believe that employees become unhappy, disengaged and would prefer to be anywhere else but work when small, fixable irritations become regular occurrences. And we believe these irritations can be uncovered, minimized, and obliterated completely. We believe HR can make this happen.

Why we do what we do...

We founded Nobscot nearly 15 years ago because we wanted to make technology that would make it easy for HR to identify and reduce those irritations. As HR professionals, we want to help make the workplace experience better for everyone, reduce employee turnover and positively impact the bottom line of companies worldwide. As software engineers, we believe that technology can make it easy. We believe that with intuitive design and expert engineering the technology can do the heavy lifting and HR can shave hours of work off their busy schedules.

These are the beliefs that drive us every single day to create and continuously improve technology like WebExit and FirstDays. These are the beliefs that allow us to work with HR leaders who share in the thought that work need not be synonymous with drudgery and pain; that work can be rewarding financially and emotionally and that senior leaders want to know the challenges employees face and are willing to do something about it.

And we're not just pollyannas.

We also believe that companies can save millions of dollars when they reduce the irritations that drive employee turnover. We believe that organizations can better serve their customers and create greater revenue and profits when employees are not working begrudgingly with one eye out the door. We believe that a better workplace experience reduces turnover in both employees and customers and makes everyone happier and more successful.

If you share our mission for banishing employee turnover in favor of happy workplaces, please review our products and services and see how they can help your organization make this vision a reality.

Online Exit Interviews: Easily identify irritations causing turnover throughout the organization.

New Hire Surveys: Measure the success of your employee onboarding and early training to reduce quick quits.

Quality of Hire Surveys: Are you hiring the right people? Gather valuable feedback from the supervisors of new hires.

Candidate Experience Surveys: Discover how applicants view working at your company to better manage your employer brand.

Mentor Matching Software: Technology to help start, manage, measure and grow corporate and association mentoring programs.

Call (888) 662-7444 or email for more information.

We look forward to helping you!

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