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EETrends Employee Satisfaction Measurement and Turnover Prediction System

EE*TrendsTM Employee Satisfaction Turnover Prediction System

Nobscot’s powerful Employee Satisfaction Measurement and Turnover Prediction System helps you predict exactly where you can expect future turnover to occur. The new EE*Trends includes all of the following integrated into one easy-to-use system:

“A Complete Web-based Employee Satisfaction Survey System”

  • Pre-configured, customizable online employee survey questionnaire with both rated and open ended questions.
  • Automated generation of employee user Ids and Passwords for each employee to ensure the integrity and security of data. Includes automated initial email invitation/instructions plus subsequent reminder emails.
  • Tracking and statistical data analysis reports by department, division, broad job classifications and more.
  • Automated report generation including Redflags, Kudos, Employee Comments and Executive reports.
  • Anonymous account set up option to encourage open, honest feedback.
  • Three levels of HR Account access assures account confidentiality among HR users.

“A Complete Web-based Exit Interview Management System”

  • Nobscot’s award winning WebExitTM exit interview management system.
  • All of the features of the employee satisfaction survey system listed above specially designed for exit interviewing terminating employees over the Internet.
  • Ability to customize separate sets of questions for surveys and exits.
  • Reason for Leaving reports with colorful charts and graphs.
  • Optional Glass Ceiling diversity measurement module to detect barriers for women and minorities.

“Predictive Modeling Engine Forecasts Turnover Hotspots”

  • Comparison of employee satisfaction survey results to exit interview results to identify and predict potential areas of future turnover.
  • Identification of statistical deviation between employee satisfaction and exit interviews across departments, divisions and broad job classifications.
  • Comparison of results against Nobscot’s benchmark data for further predictive identification of areas of potential turnover.
  • Suggestion database with ideas and methodologies that can be used to improve troubled areas plus links to HR consultants for further assistance.
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Read Nobscot's white paper on Employee Turnover Prediction Mapping: Turnover Prediction Mapping.

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