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Hire Employees That Seek Opportunity Not Pay

Some people believe that highly skilled and motivated employees will always look first at whether employers offer competitive pay. This brings to light an important area for Hiring Managers to tune in to.

The key area that has been left unspoken is that companies need to look not just for people that are "highly skilled" --that they can do the job should be a given--but for people who are responsible and committed. How "motivated" are you if you walk away from something you are working on just because someone offers you a little more money? That's sort of like leaving your spouse because a better looking model catches your eye. A person of real character seeks challenge and opportunity (and that is what companies should strive for offering). They expect reasonable pay (and increases based on MERIT) but do not jump ship at the 1st pretty penny that is offered to them. What good to a company is a "highly skilled" person that leaves before the work is complete?

Some might ask, "What do they have to lose by jumping ship if there are plenty of other positions available to them?"

But for those with any sense of responsibilty, what they lose is their self respect. Believe it or not, there ARE good people out there with these character traits. We would all do a great service if we help instill good work ethics in our young people. Both companies and employees will be rewarded. As someone once said , companies should "hire those with character, not characters."

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